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The essential value of a house is the shelter it provides.
It is a basic necessity for everyone. The demand is always there and will increase as family
grows and expands.

In a normal growing economy, the value of a house will grow and is an instrument to build and
accumulate wealth. The Real Estate market generally increases value with a 10 year cycle.
This is especially true in California where the population and the economic activities have
been growing. The growth creates demand and is the main driving force behind the value
built up in the market.

Once you start owning a home even for primary residence purpose, it is an
investment in real term and you have started the process of creating and
accumulating wealth for yourself.

Therefore, it is important that you start off with facts about the market, your need in terms of
residence and investment properties, and near term and long term financial resources and
obligations, make a plan and get help from an experienced and  professional real estate
broker to implement your plan for financial success.

Founded in 2003, Global Real Estate Investors Club is established to provide timely market
information, investment education and investment platforms to our clients to help them fulfill
their real estate investment goals.

We have been here to provide investors:
• Real Estate economic data,
• market trend information,
• tax and legal updates,
• general and specific listings of investment opportunities

through our monthly seminars, workshops, e-newsletters to help investors and home owners
make informed decisions to shape up their strategies in terms of where to buy, what to buy,
how to buy and eventually how to sell or pass it on to their loved ones with the maximum
protection and least tax liability.

We also take our clients to see the qualified properties and help them work out the purchase
price and go through the acquisition procedures for proper title recording.

We assist our clients to select property managers to manage and rent out the properties to
generate rental income.

When it comes to tax filing, asset protection or remodeling, we have a network of CPA,
attorney and trade related professionals such as contractors to provide professional services
to our clients to address their specific needs.

The current real estate condition in the US has made very attractive real estate investment
opportunities not previously available.

You don’t want to miss the opportunities, call us at 1 (408) 799 2839 or e-mail us at and tell us what property you want and we will help you to get it at the
right price!
Global Real Estate Investors Club is an education program by Just Global, Inc. to provide information and education
content to empower home buyers and real estate investors to make informed decisions to build up wealth through
real estate transactions.

Information provided is intended to be accurate but not guaranteed. Buyers are encouraged to conduct due
diligence prior to any purchase.

Just Global, Inc. is a California real estate broker with license number: 01889178